Our nation is very fragile these days, and as children of God, who have access to our Heavenly Father’s grace, and to all of His heavenly resources, it is our duty to pray for our nation, and the Lord commands His children to pray for all of our leaders.  Let us Pray:

Gracious Father, You know that we are living in dark and evil times, in which the forces of evil, and of the Evil One, are gaining strength. We are living in a time in which there is little faith, less wisdom, and the courage to follow You is rare. O Lord, our nation and our world desperately need Your help. The foundations of our nation and our world are tottering, yet, we trust that You, O Lord, still reign over all things for us and our salvation. O Lord, the forces of evil are attacking our land, and our leaders, and seeking to destroy us. We beg You, O Lord, to come to our aid. Remember Your ways O Lord, that You are gracious and compassionate, forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin; and help us to remember that You do not let the guilty – those who refuse to repent – go unpunished. We remember, O Lord, how in Your righteous judgment You destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yet, You promised that You would spare the cities, and withdraw Your judging hand, if just five righteous ones – those who are righteous through faith in Jesus – could be found. And sadly, because there were not even five righteous ones remaining in those cities, they were utterly destroyed.

Gracious Lord, be merciful to us, and to our land. By Your grace alone, and the power of Your Holy Spirit, You have brought multitudes to faith in Jesus as our Savior in this land. And though we are sinful and undeserving of any of Your mercies; nevertheless, You have forgiven us, and called us Your Sons and Daughters. And You have obligated Yourself to care for us. O Lord, for the sake of the millions of righteous ones, who remain in this great land,  be merciful to us, protect our land, bring justice upon our enemies – from within and without – and do not let the wicked prosper we pray.

Make haste to deliver us, O Lord. In the morning come quickly and redeem our land. O Lord, work repentance in our hearts, and the hearts of our leaders. Then grant, we pray, all who repent the joy of Your salvation. O Lord, grant us good and Godly leaders. And if they will not be good and Godly, then remove them from their positions of authority which You have bestowed, or from those offices which they have taken upon themselves, apart from Your bestowing. Protect us, O Lord, from those who would harm us, and seek to harm our land.  

Draw us to You, O Lord. Earnestly lead us back to Your forgiveness and grace, and to the truths of Your saving Word. Forgive us for all of our false gods, and our many idolatries, for which we are reaping much of the pain we are facing. Help us to fulfill our vocation as Godly citizens in this fair land, to uphold Your will and Your ways in all that we think, say, and do. Help us to no longer put our faith in mortal man or political parties, but help us to trust in You alone, as our Savior, our Life, and the source of every good gift. O Lord, be our Shepherd, our Guardian, our Savior, and our Friend. Then , O Lord, deliver us in Your mercy, and grant our land righteousness, justice, restoration, health, peace and protection in the days and year ahead. 

O Lord, may Your horses and Your chariots, and Your mighty armies, defend us from all of our enemies. Then grant us Your peace at last. Peace in our hearts, peace in our lives, peace in our land, and finally the peace of Your forgiveness. To You alone, O Lord, be all honor, thanks, power, strength, wisdom, glory, and might through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.